chianti_drivers_tuscany_italy_030Carrara, the northernmost province of Tuscany, is situated close to the Apuan Alps and is known throughout the world for its splendid marble. Michelangelo used the marble of Carrara, a very fine-grained white marble, for the realization of his magnificent statues. During the tour we will visit the Marble Museum, where the techniques of marble extraction and transportation from Roman times to the present will be explained. The visit of the museum can be followed by optional visit to the quarry in the gallery, unique in the world. Not far from the quarries is the village of Colonnata, known for the production of lard. The lard of Colonnata is a IGP product (Protected Geographical Indication) seasoned and aged in the Carrara marble basins. The maturation in marble (6-10 months) – with the addition of spices like pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, sage, rosemary – gives the finished product a unique flavor. Down through the valley, we can stop in Pietrasanta to see how expert artisans still work marble to obtain real works of art. There are some laboratories where the artisans can create personalized objects. Upon request we can also visit Forte dei Marmi, the town from where Michelangelo sent the marble to Rome. Forte dei Marmi is a resort in the Versilia area very well known and especially frequented by famous people.

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