montalcino montepulcianoDriving from Siena we can pass through the Crete area with its unique and fascinating landscape where you can discover small villages and ancient buildings such as castles or monasteries. We will visit Montalcino, a small medieval town situated on a hill and dominated by the fourteenth-century fortress. In the countryside surrounding the town the famous wine “Brunello” is produced; we shall have an opportunity to taste it at renowned wineries. Not far away is Pienza, the “Ideal City”, designed by the humanists of the Renaissance. Pienza is also known for the production of pecorino cheese. In this village, whose original name was Corsignano, lived Enea Silvio Piccolomini who became Pope at the end of the fifteenth century, with the name of Pius II. He is the person who transformed the church and the palaces overlooking the main square from the medieval to the Renaissance style, with the help of architect Rossellino. Montepulciano, a town very rich in palaces and monuments of great value is also famous for the production of “Vino Nobile”. Walking through the streets of the old town you can visit historic cellars and taste excellent wines. An unforgettable day among ancient flavors and natural and architectural beauties.

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