garden tourThe gardens and villas of Tuscany are a testimonial of the wealth of the noble families of the past centuries. You will be amazed how much history, beauty and harmony you will find in a national historic park such as Boboli (built between the fifteenth and the nineteenth century) which is a veritable outdoor museum. Inside the garden you will find a collection of sculptures, ranging from the Roman period to the nineteenth century. Of great importance are also: the garden Torrigiani, garden Corsi Annalena and garden Bardini that extends itself around the homonymous villa in the hills south of town. Not far from the center of Florence, there are some old villas with beautiful gardens such as the fourteenth century Villa Gamberaia, Villa Tatti, Villa La Pietra (owned by the New York University since 1994), Villa Medici in Fiesole and Villa Medici in Careggi. In addition to the Florentine area, many other provinces of Tuscany boast villas built by noble families. Lucca, in particular, is known for its beautiful villas located just outside the city walls. Do not miss a visit to the fourteenth century Villa Marlia and the seventeenth century Villa Torrigiani with its beautiful garden.

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